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Care for the inner life of the professional

My name is Carmen Ada Gonzalez. I have been working with professionals in need of special, private support for over two decades. As a Jungian Analyst, I enjoy helping people to bring new meaning to their lives and to move past the challenges that life brings. I have worked with professionals of all different cultures, races, and developmental stages, individually and in groups. Feel free to contact me to begin the amazing process of exploring your inner life.

Specialized Services

Depression Counseling

Get help with your feelings of sadness, emptiness, guilt, restlessness, and shame. Regain interest in the activities that once made you feel happy.

Treatment for Trauma

Transform overwhelming stress resulting from dramatic experiences. Learn to cope with your immediate circumstances and regain your resilience.

Support for Anxiety

Change inner turmoil, feelings of dread, nervous behaviour, and sleeplessness into new ways to handle your challenges and regain peace.

Cross-Cultural Help

Embrace cultural differences in your personal relationships and at work. Persevere in expressing who you are and in connecting with others.

Our Work Together


  • Study your dreams
  • Process unconscious materials in sandplay
  • Refresh your life with archetypal stories and fairy tales
  • Connect with your origins

Family & Couples Therapy

  • Explore personal dynamics in connection with others
  • Reflect on family patterns and archetypes
  • Heal together with the other

Workshops & Events

  • Learn with others
  • Practice change & healing
  • Incorporate new ideas to improve yourself
  • Create lasting change
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Supervision for Clinicians

  • Learn about yourself as you analyze others
  • Support your inner process
  • Reflect on your relationship with your clients

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